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Breath Control

Breath control and related games and fantasies are favorites of mine. The picture of me in the chair should give you some ideas. Then think about plastic bags, nooses...

It hardly needs saying that you need to develop a special kind of trust with someone before playing any of this and that you have to be absolutely certain that your partner knows what they are doing. We often talk about the three SM watchwords of safe, sane and consentual, and I can think of no nother area of SM play where they are more important. Playing around with this is great fun but I'm not into snuff -- after all I want to play more than once!

Doing breath control or noose games by yourself is probably the most dangerous activity short of licking the electric rail on the subway. Medical and forensic literature is full of references to what they delicately call 'autoerotic fatalities'.

It is thought that in the US alone at least 250 people, men and women, die this way every year.* Others say that figure is a gross underestimate and believe it may be as many as 1000 or more. They argue that most deaths resulting from solo play are hushed up by well-meaning police officers and coroners to spare the families' feelings -- most of these deaths are reported as suicides or accidents.

Many SM players have strong views on breathcontrol, both for and against. You can read both sides of the argument in several articles in the breath control briefing in the amazing Deviants' Dictionary and the Alternative Sexuality BDSM pages. I maintain a mailing list for men interested in exchanging information on breathcontrol.

For men into noose fantasies and those who want to play these games safely the Noose Page features stories, pictures and contacts online while The Hangman's Noose Club publishes a quarterly printed nooseletter.

* Autoerotic Fatalities -- Hazelwood R., Burgess A., Dietz P. (D.C. Heath & Co., 1983)

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